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Georgia "Meet and Greet" at K-12 Nationals - Thursday night (Chris Ferrante)

December 10, 2013 8:28 AM | Deleted user
Georgia will be well-represented at the K-12 Nationals this weekend, and there will be a "meet and greet" for any interested Georgia families on Thursday night, the night before the tournament starts. The big pool at "The Dig Site", where the 50-foot pyramid resides, should be an excellent place for this. In addition to the pool, there is a 123-foot water slide and a large hot tub. Also, if anyone wants to play a little blitz or bughouse while they are at the pool, by all means bring a chess set and board.

You can read more about the massive pool complex at the Disney Coronado Springs Resort at their Web site:

The plan is to start the festivities at 7:00pm. Of course, if you can't get there right at 7:00, just come when you can - the pool complex stays open until midnight. The Dig Site should be a great place for a pool party and a great way to get our kids in a positive frame of mind for the three days of chess that awaits them - we want to bring lots of trophies and rating points back to Georgia!
-Chris Ferrante

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