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GCA 21st Annual MLK Tournament (scholastic)

  • January 16, 2023
  • 9:30 AM
  • Atlanta Metropolitan State College
  • 70


  • Early Registration closed. Please use late registration.
  • Students from title I schools or other students (with approval) who have difficulty affording full price entry. Qualifying code required.
  • Volunteer parent/coach may register one child for $20. Lunch & snacks provided to volunteer. You will need code. Email to get it

MLK Holiday Tournament – USCF Rated

January 16th @ Atlanta Metropolitan College

Final Registration List (as of 1/15 7:30PM)

Please ensure that all registration info is correct on the file above. If you see errors in the player information, speak to a tournament director as soon as possible Monday morning.


*registration caps = 365 for main event, 35 for K-1 section*

We strongly encourage everyone to read the  (Frequently Asked Questions). It contains new information for 2023.

Important new policy:  No electronic scoring devices (such as Monroi or eNotate) will be allowed and players will not be allowed to use score books.  Individual notation sheets will be provided at the tournament site.  Please bring a pen or pencil for taking notation.

Who: Open to all Scholastic Players in grades K-12th with a USCF membership.

Format: 5 rounds, Individual/Team Swiss System.

25 minutes per player with a 5 sec delay for all sections (G/25;d5)

Sections by grade/rating: K-1, K-3, K-3 U400/Unrated, K-5, K-5 U600/Unrated, K-8, K-12, 6-12 U1000/Unrated. (Sections may be combined if needed).

Entry Fee: $40

Registration: On-line until midnight Friday, January 13th, 2023 or when we reach the cap (whichever comes first). If space is available, late registration will be offered for $55 through midnight on Sunday, January 15th.  There is no onsite registration for this event.

Rounds: 9:30am, 11:00am, 12:30pm, 2:00pm, 3:30pm for all sections but K-1. Players should be seated at their boards by 9:00am with announcements beginning promptly at 9:15am.

Rounds for K-1 (in small tournament room off bottom floor of skittles area): 10:00, 11:35, 1:00pm, rounds 4 and 5 will be paired asap.  Players should be seated at their boards by 9:45am with announcements beginning promptly at 9:50am.

Byes: You may take up to 2 byes of ½ pts each in rounds 1 through 4. A bye taken in the 5th round is always  a zero point bye.  Half point byes must be requested before 6PM Sunday.  A zero point bye can be requested at any time.  No bye or section changes after 6:00 PM Sunday 1/15.

Prizes: Individual – Place trophies to at least Top 5 in each section (possibly more depending on section size), trophies to all plus score (3 or more points). Ribbons to all participants except K-1 who will receive participation prizes. Team – Trophies to top scoring teams in each section (number of team trophies awarded will depend on section size). A team is 2 or more players in the same section from the same school – Top 4 scores are counted. Stipends (Individual only): $100 stipend to all players with a perfect score and to the 1st place winner on tie-breaks in each section to attend Nationals in 2023 (must attend and email by June 1, 2023 with name, tournament attended, and payment address to receive it). If sections are combined then the stipend is for the winner of the combined section only. 

Special Activities: There will be charitable activities between rounds to honor the memory of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Note: It is the parent's responsibility to check advanced entries online to verify that the information is correct or to have errors fixed before Round 1 begins. We will post registration updates on the website and the FINAL registration list will be posted at the tournament. Accelerated pairings may be used at the chief TD’s discretion.

USCF membership required. Sets and boards supplied. Bring your chess clock (if you have one, not required). If one player brings a clock and requests its use both players must use the clock.

Cell phone policy:  Cell phones, smart watches, and other devices are not allowed to be on the player’s person during active play.  It is recommended that players not bring any electronic device into the tournament hall.  If player does have a cell phone or smart watch, it should be powered completely off and stored in a bag under the player’s chair.  Violations of this policy will be penalized at the discretion of the chief TD and may include a time penalty or forfeiture of game.

Photos: We may be taking photos of the chess players for possible publication on our website. Please email us if you do not want your child's photo used.

Note: Cancellations must be received by 7:00am Monday morning January 16, 2023 in order to receive a refund.


Tournament Coordinator:  Kindeya Scott           

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