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  • 2020 Phillip O. Taylor Georgia State Championship (online)

2020 Phillip O. Taylor Georgia State Championship (online)

  • October 03, 2020
  • 12:00 PM
  • October 04, 2020
  • Internet Chess Club - online


  • Use this form if you are a Georgia resident registering after 12:00 noon 10/2 (you'll need current GCA & USCF memberships to play).
  • Use this form if you are not a resident of Georgia or its surrounding states registering after 12:00 noon on 10/2.
  • Use this form if you are a resident of AL, FL, NC, SC, or TN registering after 12:00 noon on 10/2 (USCF membership required).

Registration is closed

2020 Phillip O. Taylor Georgia State Championship

October 3-4, 2020

$6000 Guaranteed!

(click here for preregistration list)

6-SS, G/75+10, at Internet Chess Club (free 2-month ICC membership to all players!) Your ICC user name must be linked to your US Chess Federation ID number.


Open to players living in the US, Canada, and Mexico. US Chess Federation membership required for all players. Georgia Chess Association membership required for Georgia residents. Must be on Zoom (use real name) to be eligible for prizes.

4 Sections:

Championship (over 1799): $1000-500-300-200. Plaque to State Champion; U2200: $300-150; Top GA player: $200 bonus;

U2000: $500-250-150-100; U1800: $240-120; Top GA player: $150 bonus;

U1600: $400-200-120-80: U1400: $180-90; Top GA player: $100 bonus;

U1200: $300-150-90-60; Top GA player: $70 bonus: U1000, U800: plaque;

Entry Fee:

GA residents: $65 if by 9/30; $90 if by 12:00 noon on 10/2; $115 later.

Residents of AL, FL, NC, SC, TN: $75 if by 9/30, $100 if by 12:00 noon on 10/2, $125 later.

All others: $95 if by 9/30, $120 if by 12:00 noon on 10/2, $145 later.

GM Entry Fee: Free if from GA. All others $40. Must register by 12:00 noon on 10/2 or pay full price.

All players registering after noon on 10/2 must take a 1/2 point bye in round 1. No entries accepted after 1:30 pm on 10/3.

Rounds: 12:00 noon EDT, 3:30 pm EDT, 7:00 pm EDT each day.

Byes: Half-point byes available any round, limit 2, must request with entry. No changes. Complete tournament details, FAQ, and log-in procedures will be emailed to all registrants before the tournament.

Info: Please email with questions or registration issues. Chief TD is NTD David Hater.

“FAIR PLAY” ANALYSIS: During the tournament, partial fair play analysis will take place, possibly leading to a player or players being disqualified. After the tournament, all games will be analyzed using ICC’s sophisticated anti-cheating tools. Players suspected of violating the fair play rules may: 1) have their results and any prize eligibility cancelled, 2) be banned from future ICC play, 3) be banned from future Georgia Chess Association tournaments, both online and over-the-board, and 4) be reported to the US Chess Federation Ethics Committee, leading to possible suspension of US Chess Federation membership.

After the tournament, results will not be final for at least a week while ICC Fair Play analysis of all games takes place. If any players are disqualified, opponents’ results will be changed; those who lost to a disqualified player will be given half point byes, and those who drew with a disqualified player will obtain forfeit wins.

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