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Atlanta, GA 30333

There are 7 board members and several committees.  All are volunteers providing their free time to serve our chess community. Join us in our effort to bring the game closer to you...
GCA Board (year = end of term)
   President   Fun Fong, Jr MD (2015)
 1st Vice President   Ben Johnson (2016)
 2nd Vice President   Katie Hartley (2016)
 Treasurer   Amrita Kumar (2016)
 Secretary    Nick Thompson (2015)
 1st Member-at-large   Laura Doman (2017)
 2nd Member-at-large   Carolina Blanco (2015)

Board members are volunteers elected by the members of the GCA.

Board meetings are held monthly and open to the public.

Tricia Hill (Editor)
Carlos Perdomo (Asst. Online Editor)

GCA Webmaster: Katie Hartley 
GCA Committees
By-Law Task Force: Fun Fong, Katie Hartley, Mike Mulford, Scott Parker, Jeanne Ward
Communications: Laura Doman (Director)
Membership: Priya Srinivasan

Open Events: WIM Carolina Blanco (Chair), Herky del Mundo, Fun Fong, Ben Johnson, Laura Bliss Leary, Greg Maness, Davide Nastasio, Nick Thompson

Scholastic: Laura Doman, Katie Hartley, Tricia Hill (Chair), Ben Johnson, Susan Justice, Ted Wieber

Web Team: Laura Doman, Katie Hartley, Vijay Jayaram, Vijay Kumar, Jagadeesh Rathnasabapathy, Keith Sewell

Committee members are volunteers who can commit to a year of working on the team.

USCF Delegates: Fun Fong, Mike Mulford, Priya Srinivasan / Alternates: Frank Johnson, Amrita Kumar, Greg Maness

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