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This calendar lists all GCA events in addition to other local events submitted to the webteam

Year: 2013

1January, 2013
Jan 03 Championship Chess 2nd Thursday Throwdown
Jan 12 Georgia Junior Invitational
Jan 16 GCA Board Mtg
Jan 16 Championship Chess 3rd Thursday Throwdown
Jan 19 2013 Atlanta Winter Classic
Jan 21 Waitlist for MLK Tournament
Jan 21 Cleared Waitlist for 12th Annual MLK Tournament
Jan 31 Championship Chess 4th Thursday Throwdown
Feb 02 64 Squares - Master Challenge #1
Feb 09 Metro Atlanta K-8 Team State Qualifier 2013
Feb 13 GCA Board Mtg
Feb 15 North Georgia Chess Center - G/30
Feb 16 2013 Annual Vibha Scholastic Tournament
Feb 16 2013 Annual Vibha Unrated Open Championship
Feb 16 64 Squares - Master Challenge #2
Feb 16 2013 Georgia Open Collegiate Team Chess Championship
Feb 21 Championship Chess 5th Thursday Throwdown
Feb 22 North Georgia Chess Center - G/30
Feb 23 North Georgia Chess Center Scholastic Tournament
Mar 01 North Georgia Chess Center - G/30
Mar 02 64 Squares - Master Challenge #3
Mar 02 Georgia Collegiate Open 2013
Mar 07 Championship Chess 6th Thursday Throwdown
Mar 08 North Georgia Chess Center - G/30
Mar 15 North Georgia Chess Center - G/30
Mar 16 64 Squares u1800 Shootout #2
Mar 17 Georgia K-8 Team State Championship 2013
Mar 22 North Georgia Chess Center - G/30
Mar 23 2013 Georgia High School Team Chess Championship
Mar 28 Championship Chess 7th Thursday Throwdown
Mar 29 North Georgia Chess Center - G/30
Apr 05 SuperNationals V 2013
Apr 06 Birmingham Challenge
Apr 11 Championship Chess 8th Thursday Throwdown
Apr 17 GCA Board Mtg
Apr 19 Championship Chess Unrated Open Speed G/10 d5
Apr 20 Championship Chess 2nd Annual K-12 Spring Fling
Apr 21 Championship Chess Annual Spring Fling Grand Prix
Apr 26 All-Girls Nt'l Chess Championships (Chicago)
Apr 28 2nd Annual C2C Chess Tournament
May 03 2013 Georgia State Championship
May 05 General Membership Meeting/Elections
May 09 Championship Chess 9th Thursday Throwdown
May 10 Tuscaloosa Chess Extravaganza (AL)
May 11 Beau Hardeman Student Invitational
May 17 GCA Scholastic Committee Mtg
May 28 U.S. Senior Open Chess Championship 2013 (NY)
May 29 GCA Board Mtg
May 30 Championship Chess 10th Thursday Throwdown
May 31 U.S. Junior Open Chess Championship 2013 (NY)
May 31 Atlanta Championship 2013 (Am.Chess Promotions)
Jun 06 National Open - Las Vegas (USCF)
Jun 08 Rea Hayes Open 2013 (Chattanooga)
Jun 13 Championship Chess 11th Thursday Throwdown
Jun 21 Castle Chess Grand Prix 2013 - 100GPP
Jun 22 Montgomery Open
Jun 22 Championship Chess/Gwinnett Chess Scholastic Tournament (Stone Mtn)
Jun 27 Championship Chess 12th Thursday Throwdown
Jun 29 64 Squares - Master Challenge #5
Jun 29 Lowry Grand Prix (Columbia, SC)
Jul 12 NGCC G/30 Rated
Jul 13 6th Annual Birmingham Classic
Jul 14 NGCC G/45 Rated
Jul 19 NGCC G/30 Rated
Jul 20 Championship Chess 2nd Annual K-12 Summer Scorcher
Jul 21 Championship Chess 2nd Annual Summer Scorcher Grand Prix
Jul 26 NGCC G/30 Rated
Jul 27 4th Annual Huntsville Classic
Jul 28 NGCC Scholastic G/30
Aug 02 NGCC G/30 Rated
Aug 03 3rd Annual NGCC Championship
Aug 09 NGCC G/30 Rated
Aug 10 9th Annual Chris Bond Memorial
Aug 11 NGCC G/45 Rated
Aug 16 NGCC G/30 Rated
Aug 16 44th Annual Southern Congress
Aug 17 NGCC G/45 Rated
Aug 17 K-5 Chess Tournament at the Village Corner Bakery
Aug 18 Southern Congress Scholastic
Aug 20 NGCC G/10 Blitz
Aug 22 Championship Chess 15th Thursday Throwdown
Aug 23 NGCC G/30 Rated
Aug 24 Lowry Grand Prix Series of Chess (Augusta, GA)
Aug 24 Emory Campus Series I G/45
Aug 25 NGCC Scholastic G/30
Aug 28 GCA Board Mtg
Aug 30 North Carolina Open 2013/US Masters/Scholastic (Greensboro)
Aug 30 NGCC G/30 Rated
Sep 01 NGCC G/60 Rated
Sep 06 60th Annual Alabama State Championship (Bessemer)
Sep 06 NGCC G/30 Rated
Sep 07 NGCC G/60 Rated
Sep 12 Championship Chess Thursday Throwdown
Sep 13 NGCC G/30 Rated
Sep 14 NGCC G/45 Rated
Sep 14 South Georgia Chess Club's September Slam
Sep 15 Emory Campus Series II Blitz
Sep 20 GCA Scholastic Committee Mtg
Sep 20 NGCC G/30 Rated
Sep 21 Championship Chess 6th Annual Fall Kickoff
Sep 22 NGCC Scholastic G/30
Sep 25 GCA Board Mtg
Sep 26 GCA Open Events Committee Mtg
Sep 28 Georgia Women's Open 2013
Sep 28 10th Annual Georgia Senior Open
Sep 28 NGCC G/60 Rated
Sep 28 GCA Open G/45 - rated
Sep 29 2013 Georgia State Series III
Oct 03 Championship Chess Thursday Throwdown #17
Oct 04 NGCC G/30 Rated
Oct 05 Emory Campus Series III G/45
Oct 06 NGCC Quad Rated
Oct 06 QuickStart! 2013 (Unrated Scholastic)
Oct 11 Georgia Open 2013
Oct 11 NGCC G/30 Rated
Oct 12 1st Annual Chess in Woodruff Park Rapid Open Unrated
Oct 18 NGCC G/30 Rated
Oct 19 Unrated Scholastic - International Foundation of Montessori Education (IFME)
Oct 19 NGCC G/45 Rated
Oct 19 Georgia Individual Scholastic Championship - Rated
Oct 20 NGCC Quad Rated
Oct 21 GCA Open Events Committee Mtg
Oct 23 GCA Board Mtg
Oct 25 GCA Scholastic Committee Mtg
Oct 25 NGCC G/30 Rated
Oct 26 Emory Campus Series IV G/45
Oct 27 NGCC Scholastic G/30
Nov 01 NGCC G/30 Rated
Nov 02 2013 Georgia K-12 Grade Level Championships
Nov 02 3rd Annual East Alabama Open
Nov 02 3rd Annual East Alabama Open
Nov 03 NGCC Quad G/60;d5
Nov 08 NGCC G/30 Rated
Nov 09 Emory Johns Creek November Scholastic
Nov 15 GCA Scholastic Committee Mtg
Nov 15 NGCC G/30 Rated
Nov 15 40th Lipkin/Pfefferkorn Open
Nov 16 Emory Campus Series V Blitz
Nov 16 40th Lipkin/Pfefferkorn Open Scholastic
Nov 17 NGCC Quad G/75;d5
Nov 20 GCA Board Mtg
Nov 22 NGCC G/30 Rated
Nov 22 Georgia Class Championships
Nov 24 North Georgia November Scholastic
Nov 29 NGCC G/30 Rated
Nov 30 NGCC Quad G/60;d5
Nov 30 Championship Chess 3rd Annual Thanksgiving Classic
Dec 03 GCA Open Events Committee Mtg
Dec 06 NGCC G/30 Rated
Dec 07 Greater Atlanta Scholastic Chess Tournament
Dec 07 Emory Campus Series VI G/45
Dec 07 Emory Johns Creek Pre-National Scholastic
Dec 08 NGCC Quad G/75
Dec 09 GCA By-Laws Committee Mtg
Dec 09 GCA Scholastic Committee Mtg
Dec 13 K-12 National Championships (Florida)
Dec 20 NGCC G/30 Rated
Dec 26 Championship Chess Thursday Throwdown #18
Dec 27 Blitz Tournament - Georgia Chess Festival
Dec 27 43rd Annual Atlanta Open
Dec 27 NGCC G/30 Rated
Dec 30 Bughouse Championship - Georgia Chess Festival
Dec 31 Georgia Chess Festival Scholastic

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